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The Augment-Audiobook

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Blood ties, twisted bonds, and the truth too terrible to bear.

This story was recorded using an AI.

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Defection - Digitally narrated audiobook

Ryma, an Augment with extraordinary powers, uncovers a startling revelation—she has a twin sister, Jessica. Haunted by memories of the horrors of her sister’s past, Ryma sets up in an adventure to find the man responsible for their separation and much more. Suspicion casts a dark shadow on her adoptive father, Adam Waters, and the mere thought of his involvement terrifies her.

In a world of secrets, loyalty, and deception, she must accept a painful truth that risks breaking her. Will the weight of these revelations shatter her sanity irreparably?

Find out now!

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Keyla Damaer

Keyla Damaer has been an independent author since 2017. Her passion for storytelling is evident in her works, which are characterised by their imaginative worlds and complex characters.

Born and raised in Rome, Keyla currently resides in the Eternal City with her husband.

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